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With an education, second to none, entry level investors (students) may learn all the pertinent strategies needed to become successful in the industry of real estate investment.

Our education is at your own pace, on demand, and accelerated. Students gain lifetime access to annually updated classes. There are no filler courses, not test or exams to cram for, rather simply here is the information and strategies needed to build long-term wealth. Through our online learning, you may access the strategies to begin your real estate investment career:

Essential Courses

financial literacy

Tax & Legal Strategies II

Mortgage/Debit Acceleration

Credit Repair/Monitoring

Real Estate & Retirement Plans

real estate investing

Real Estate Essentials

Creative Acquisition Strategies

Finding the Deal of the Decade

Real Estate Red Flags

Real Estate Marketing

Advanced Courses

Fix & Flip

Buy and Hold

Commercial Real Estate

Notes, Tax Liens and Deeds



Wealth Development

Goal Setting



Lease Options

Subject to

Fix and Flips

Short Sales

Understanding Marketplaces

Tax Liens

And many more


While working on education, students begin their networking with our national network of real estate investors that came from the same educational background. Our network of investors partner up, start joint ventures together, and mentor the new students and investors that join the network. The long-term goal with our network it to create value for future partnerships with other successful real estate investors.

Earn While You Learn

In addition to becoming part of the network and starting the education, student may choose to earn additional income by participating in our “Earn While You Learn” opportunity. The income opportunity is not required, but here for the students that want or need additional income.

Start building your future today with financial planning and smart investments.

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